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Why plants?

Why plants you say...

Indoor plants can be used to screen, buffer noise, filter light, purify the air and provide ambience. Over the last 30 years the results of multiple international studies has provided evidence that the integration of humans and plants in indoor environments has multiple and remarkable benefits. 

Indoor plants work like the lungs of buildings using photosynthesis- absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it back into oxygen, providing a continual supply of oxygen into our living spaces during daylight hours. 

Plants also absorb and metabolise air-bourne contaminants such as mould, bacteria and the chemical pollutants (VOC’s) released from furnishings, paints, adhesives, building materials, paper, textiles, plastics and smoke. 

Indoor plants have a range of positive cognitive, physiological and psychological preventative and restorative effects on humans.  

Quite simply- there are not many spaces that couldn’t be improved with a plant or two.

Megan Norgate

Sustainable Design Consultant (Melbourne)